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2008 USCA Junior Curling Nationals

Portage Curling Club - Portage, Wisconsin February 1-9 2008

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Friday - February 1, 2008

5:00pm-6:00pmGroup 1 Practice
Session Full
  1. Minnesota II Men (Wald)
  2. Alaska Men (Birklid)
  3. Minnesota II Women(Solem)
  4. Alaska Women (Hufman)
6:30pm-7:30pmGroup 2 Practice
Session Full
  1. Minnesota I Women (Carlson)
  2. Wisconsin Men (Caldwell)
  3. Wisconsin Women I (Spatola)
  4. Illinois Men (Rahn)
8:00pm-9:00pmGroup 3 Practice
Session Full
  1. Washington Men (Thomas)
  2. Minnesota I Men (Plys)
  3. Wisconsin II Women (Schaffer)
  4. New York Men (Corbett)
6:30pm-9:00pmOpening Reception At the Curling Club
5:00pm and 9:15pmAnti-Doping Training
Note Time Change
Best Western Banquet Room

Practice: 15 Minutes Per Sheet Per Team, 4 Sheets, Rotate on Buzzer.

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